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Dance of the Druids
Dance of the druids by Me
Shadows crawled over the Scottish highlands.  As the Sun died and the moon rose up over the land every creature of the light huddled away in their homes as night dawned.  And out came the creatures of the dark.
They hurried in secret and in silence with only a few exchanges between them.  The people ran through the night carrying their food, clothing, and ritual incense.  For tonight was a special night, tonight was the night of the druids.
Reaching their chosen place the druids quickly prepared their rituals.  They drew a circle in the ground and placed all the equipment they would need.  Owls, mice, and other curious animals could not help but watch the thousand year old rituals that were taking place.
The druids were now ready, and they stood on the circle and held hands.  Then the ritual began as the druids began to chant their prayers to the Earth.  The druids then sang out th
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Curiosity part 2
Suddenly Curiosity received a message from her creators, investigate a nearby gully and drill in search of liquid water and or ice.
"I have to go now Lilly" Curiosity finally tore her eyes away from Lilly's "I have to fulfill a new mission"
"Oh I see" Lilly sadly replied
Curiosity felt bad as she moved away from Lilly but she had a mission to accomplish and her only goal in life was to fulfill the missions her creators sent her.  Then Curiosity heard a strange sound, almost like bare feet walking on sand dunes.  Curiosity turned and saw Lilly walking alongside her.
"What are you doing" Curiosity inquired
"Following you of course" Lilly laughed at such a silly question
"Oh well I see" Curiosity was surprised that Lilly would do such a thing
But for some reason Curiosity didn't think to question Lilly or tell or to leave.  Truth be told Curiosity was rather bored and lonely, the other rovers were either not looking or too far away.   And she c
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Curiosity part 1
Curiosity by Me
The rockets fired and the parachute went off without a hitch.  
Curiosity felt the result of itself impacting Mars at its insane speed, however that it what it had been designed to do and so far the rover was following its mission to the teeth.
Curiosity then felt the words of its creators and masters as they sent objectives for it to complete.  First off was the simple task of making sure that all of Curiosity's robotic organs and testing equipment were in functional order.  
Curiosity swiftly started up and tested each system thoroughly in order to detect any flaws.  There were none of course, Curiosity was the best Mars rover in the history of human space exploration and it was perfect in every single way.  Then came task two.  
Curiosity then raised up its mast, a two eyed device that looked a little like a flat camcorder, and began to survey the surrounding Gale Crater with special focus being on the area
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Mature content
Wrong Place: Part 4 :iconredintooth:RedinTooth 1 1
Mature content
Wrong Place: Part 3 :iconredintooth:RedinTooth 0 0
Mature content
Wrong Place: Part 2 :iconredintooth:RedinTooth 1 0
Mature content
Wrong Place: Part 1 :iconredintooth:RedinTooth 0 0
The Adorable Puppy.
The adorable puppy by Me!
Once there was the sweetest puppy you could have ever laid eyes upon.  Whenever she looked at someone they would collapse into tears of happiness.  Whenever she barked the whole community perked up with delight.  Whenever the puppy played onlookers would be as happy as can be.  And when the puppy did her business, actually that was kind of gross but she was still a really adorable puppy who earned the love of the whole city.  Her family loved her and would never let any harm come to her.
Then one day the puppy chased a ball into the street and was flattened by a truck.
Have a nice day.
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The Stolen Pie
The stolen pie by Me!
Once there was a boy named Jeremy.  Jeremy was kind of a douchebag.  He loved putting snakes in the girls' locker room and stealing all the black board chalk.  Poor Jeremy was just doing this to gain attention, since he was a lonely boy with no friends but everyone hated him.  Jeremy was bullied pretty badly I'm sorry to say.
One day when he was coming home from school Jeremy saw a delightful pie sitting on a vacant window still.  Jeremy saw or heard not a single soul and he was mighty hungry since he used up all his lunch money buying a scary mask to put in Anna's locker (Jeremy had a crush on her you see and he didn't know how else to approach her).  So as you can probably guess Jeremy took that pie and ran off down the street.
Then Jeremy heard one of the most frightful noises a pie thief could hear.  The sound of an angry pie cook!  Jeremy ran and ran to get away from the scowling
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Deviant Art Test
Test testing test test.
1234 I declare a thumb war 5678 ready or not here I come.
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Express Delivery by Dthorin
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A messy return. by Dthorin
Mature content
A messy return. :icondthorin:Dthorin 81 9


Eric Dynac
Current Residence: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Realistic
MP3 player of choice: Ipod?
Favourite cartoon character: Shinji Ikari
I have finally decided to start submitting art to Deviantart.  After many years of just favoring while sometimes submitting tiny comments that don't really add anything I have decided to be proactive and begin my own work.

The only problem is that I can't draw.  At all.  Seriously I know that some of you right now are saying "hey man I can't draw very well either why don't you give it a try and see just how good you are?" well their is a problem with that statement.   When I say I cannot draw I don't mean I can only draw stick figures.  When I say I can't draw I mean that my last attempt caused an unspeakable evil to be let loose on the world.  You may know it as Justin Bieber.

But seriously I have no artistic talents.  So instead I will submit literature for you to enjoy!  Okay I can't promise that it will be good but hey I'm doing this for myself not for you.  

My first couple of submissions will just be small random things as I gain confidence in my abilities.  Hopefully I can soon start submitting steak as it were.

Anyway enough babbling from me.  I hope you have fun exploring the recesses of my mind, and just remember to have fun while you're at it!


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